Improved Software, New Features!
As part of our efforts to be at the cutting edge of the gaming industry we are proud to introduce our new top of the range software! More clear, user firendly and with many new features which will facilitate your poker experience!

Check out our software review on CHILIBLOG.

Download the New Chilipoker Lobby HERE.

With a two panel view, the lobby will make your table search quicker and more accurate.

The categorized menu on the left hand side will allow you to quickly find in one glance the perfect table or game type for you! Whether you are a beginner, you are looking for private tables or a specific promotion such as ECOOP, all will be sorted and clearly specified!

The categorized menu on the left hand side will allow you to quickly find in one glance the perfect table or game type for you! Whether you are a beginner, you are looking for private tables or a specific promotion such as ECOOP, all will be sorted and clearly specified!

To restrict your search, tick the filters or if you wish to make it even faster use the "Quick Seat" option, taking you directly to the correct table!

Furthermore, next to each table/tournament name you will find icons indicating the main characteristic of each game. Check out the available descriptions!

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taking you directly to the correct table!
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